Faith is Living... and My heart is anxious


There's a song I listen to pretty often by John Waller called Faith is Living. It's always been a huge encouragement to me, it's a song crying out to God about trusting in Him, having faith that He would provide, stepping out into the unknown because you know He will protect you. My favorite line is the beginning of the second verse: "I want to be a man like Abraham, who went to a foreign land, because YOU said Go, he trusted YOU by faith".. Now I have thought about that verse so many times but the other night it really hit me hard during a conversation with one of my closest friends. We were discussing the prospects of me moving, her vote is for me to return to Lexington, but I know she supports me no matter what. I think it was really the first time that I realized I wasn't just okay with going where God sent me, I desired it.


I am so ready and so anxious to see where God wants to send me. I have no idea what's next, but that conversation the other night made me realize that for the first time in my life and I am completely ready for God to do something so radical I can't even imagine what it is. Whether that be that He sends me overseas again, or just to another state, or even just a few miles down the road I am ready for change. I am ready to experience the rush of something new, the uneasiness of a new place, the uncomfortable feeling that comes with being somewhere I may have never been before. So I decided I wanted to live my life like Abraham, I want to go wherever Christ says go. Then I realized I didn't even know that much about Abraham.


I have a book called the Top 100 Men of the Bible (no I don't know how the person got the clout to write such a title) but I looked up Abraham and read the little two page synopsis. I realized I knew more than I thought about him but here's what blows my mind. Not only did Abraham move when God commanded, but He also was willing to sacrifice his son in order to do as God asked him. Which made me wonder.. If I am really going to try to become a man like Abraham, what am I willing to sacrifice in order to glorify my God? What a tough question, and reality hits hard. Lately I haven't been living my life as though I'm willing to sacrifice anything. I have really been living for Brad the last week or so and it's time for that to end. I think that's one of the reasons I am so open to change, I think I am realizing slowly that I am willing to sacrifice what's comfortable for what's uncomfortable, what's normal for what's weird, what's safe for what's not so secure. I am ready to truly live like Abraham and sacrifice the life that I love, the life I live at home in Hope for the glory of God. Now that doesn't mean that I can't glorify God in Hope, but I feel a strong call to go elsewhere, I'm just not sure where that is yet. So pray with me, pray for me, pray about where God is leading your heart. Pray for the opportunity to sacrifice. I want to lead a life like Abraham, one in which with time I learn to go where He says go, and sacrifice at any cost... What do you want your life to look like??

Grace and Peace